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Lamont School of Music

Lamont Faculty







Malcolm Lynn Baker - Professor, Director of Jazz Studies & Commercial Music

Thomas Ball - Instructor of Jazz Trombone

Antonia Banducci - Associate Professor of Musicology; Chair of the Musicology/Ethnomusicology/Theory Department                                        

Sara Bardill - Lecturer in Voice

Justin Bartels - Visiting Faculty Artist, Trumpet

Scott Bean - Lecturer in Trombone

Sarah Mellander Bierhaus - Instructor of Oboe & English Horn

Art Bouton - Professor of Saxophone; Chair of the Woodwind Department & Woodwind Chamber Music

Kathy Brantigan - Assistant Professor of Tuba; Co-chair of the Brass & Percussion Department

Caitlin Brozna - Instructor of Movement


Susan Cahill - Instructor of Double Bass

Chad Cognata - Instructor of Bassoon

Kenneth Cox - Professor, Chair of the Vocal Arts Department and Director of the Lamont Opera Theater


Warren Deck - Instructor of Tuba

Jurgen de Lemos - Visiting Professor of Cello


Pam Endsley - Instructor of Flute


Kyle Fleming - Instructor, Conductor of the Lamont Men's Choir


Joe Galema - Instructor of Organ

Lawrence Golan - Professor, Music Director & Conductor of the Lamont Symphony Orchestra; Chair of the Ensemble Department

Eric Gunnison - Instructor of Jazz Piano


David Hanson - Instructor of Jazz Keyboard, Composition & Arranging

Bill Hill - Instructor of Composition & Theory

Alan Hood - Associate Professor of Trumpet; Director of the Lamont Jazz Ensemble

Yumi Hwang-Williams - Instructor of Violin


Ricardo Iznaola - Professor, Chair of the Guitar & Harp Department


Carol Jickling-Lens - University of Denver Carillonneur; Instructor of Carillon

Alan Joseph - Instructor of Jazz Guitar


Catherine Kasch - Lecturer in Voice & Music Theater

Conrad Kehn - Instructor of Music Technology

Chappell Kingsland - Instructor of Aural Skills

John Kinzie - Instructor of Percussion

Leanna Kirchoff - Instructor of Composition

Ray Kireilis - Professor of Foundations

Katharine Knight - Director of Careers in Music; Instructor of Chamber Music


Heidi Brende Leathwood - Chair of the Keyboard Department; Instructor of Alexander Technique & Piano

Jonathan Leathwood -  Lecturer in Theory; Lecturer in Guitar

Jason Lichtenwalter - Instructor of Oboe

Ann Marie Liss - Instructor of Harp


Chris Malloy - Associate Professor of Composition & Theory; Chair of the Composition Department

Mike Marlier - Instructor, Director of Drum Set Studies

Joseph Martin - Associate Professor of Trombone and Euphonium; Director of the Lamont Wind Ensemble; Co-Char of the Brass & Percussion Department

Steven Mayer - Associate Professor of Piano

Susan McCullough - Instructor of Horn

Thomas Miller - Instructor, Director of the Lamont Steel Drum Ensemble

David Montano - Associate Professor of Piano & Piano Pedagoy

Sarah Morelli - Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology

Suzanne Moulton-Gertig - Instructor of Harp; Music Librarian




Aaron Paige - Post-Doctoral Teaching Fellow, Ethnomusicology



James R. Ramsey - Instructor, Choral Literature

Jeremy Reynolds - Assistant Professor of Clarinet

Mark Rush - Assistant Professor of Violin


Marc Sabatella - Instructor of Jazz Theory

Catherine Sailer - Associate Professor & Director of Choral Studies

Michael Schulze - Lecturer in Audio Production and Recording Technology

Jack Sheinbaum - Associate Professor of Musicology; Associate Director for Academic Affairs

Kathleen Spring - Instructor of Suzuki Violin Pedagogy


Kristin Taavola - Assistant Professor of Theory

Carol Tarr - Instructor of Suzuki Cello Pedagogy

Julie Thornton - Instructor, Flute

Gary Tole - Instructor of Jazz Trombone

Katrina Twitty - Instructor of Voice



Basil Vendryes - Instructor of Viola

Richard von Foerster- Instructor of Theory, Musicology & Composition


Ken Walker - Instructor of Jazz Bass

Joe Walsh - Director of the University of Denver Pep Band

Linda Wang - Associate Professor of Violin and Co-Chair of the Strings Department

Donna Wickham - Instructor of Jazz Voice

Ian Wisekal - Instructor of Oboe

Steve Wiest - Associate Professor, Jazz Studies & Commercial Music