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Lamont School of Music

Master of Arts in Musicology

defaultCommitted to fostering critical thinkers and writers, the Musicology faculty offers a wide range of courses in classical and vernacular Western and non-Western musics. Courses focus on the study of music in its historical, analytical and cultural contexts. These studies form an important component of both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Master's theses may focus on topics drawn from a variety of sub-disciplines, including historical musicology, popular music studies, jazz history and ethnomusicology. Master's candidates may also pursue a dual degree in Musicology and Performance.

Students are invited to explore our website or contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity to study musicology at Lamont. For musicology course descriptions, please see MUAC 3492 to 3570 and MUAC 4512 to 4550 within the Lamont course descriptions list.

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