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Chinese Minor

The Minor in Chinese is effective in winter, 2008, and the following are the requirements: 24 quarter hours of language course work above the beginning level (above 1001-2-3), and of these 24 quarter hours of language work, the student may take up to 16 quarter hours of 2000-level courses:

CHIN 2001-2-3 sequence (4 qtr hrs per class, 16 qtr hrs in total)
one more 2000 level course can be taken in study abroad programs in China
at least 8 quarter hours of 3000-level courses:
CHIN 3101 Composition and Conversation (4 qtr hrs)
CHIN 3102 Advanced Composition and Conversation (4 qtr hrs)
CHIN 3200 Business Chinese (4 qtr hrs)
CHIN 3300 Chinese Society in Transition (4 qtr hrs)
CHIN 3500 Reading in Modern Chinese Literature (4 qtr hrs)
CHIN 3700 Special Topics (4 qtr hrs)

Students must also complete one cognate class (4 or 5 qtr hrs) taught in English that deals mainly or exclusively with Chinese civilization (philosophy, religion, literature and art), history, economics or political science, in the category of AHSS or CORE, or a pertinent department course, or one taken in one of DU?s Study Abroad programs in China.
A maximum of 12 quarter hours of transfer credit from other institutions may be allowed toward to the minor requirement.

On special occasions and with the permission of the Chinese program coordinator, students are allowed to apply a maximum of 4 quarter hours of independent study on 3000-level Chinese to meet the Chinese Minor requirement.

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