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French at DU


The Chateau Sassenage in the French Alps.

In France, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and Luxemburg; in more than a dozen African countries and on 6 Caribbean islands; in Polynesia; in parts of Asia and the Middle East; in Canada, South America and the U.S--over 225 million people speak French.


Where will your French studies lead you? You can learn about France and other French-speaking countries, debate current events, learn to understand your own language better, read about medieval times, discover a poem you love, write a short story, learn and think about the immigrant experience, study French culture through film, surf the net and become an internaute, get a French-speaking pen pal, discover French art through the eyes of French poets and novelists, live and study in France or another French-speaking country, study the French revolution, perfect your pronunciation, gain new ways of looking at your world.