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How Do I Keep Up My French?


1. Watch movies in French -- preferably with the FRENCH subtitles turned on rather than English

2. Television – TF1 or French network television.

3. Music

  • Go to You Tube and listen to French songs and then find their lyrics (several popular artists in France right now are: Christophe Mae, Gregoire, Joyce Jonathan, Zazie, Gerald DePalmas, Christophe Willem, Benabar, Nolwenn Leroy, etc.)
  • Listen to French radio stations - like NRG or NRJ.

4. Jokes and funny stories -- Blagues: VOUS VOULEZ RIRE! (Carole Netter)

  • Site interactif s'adressant aux étudiants et enseignants de français langue étrangère ou langue seconde et plus généralement à tous les rieurs. Il comprend un lexique du rire, des publications littéraires et culturelles avec applications pédagogiques et des références à des ressources Internet sur l'humour culturel et littéraire francophone.



1. Order a book or comic book (c'est très français) from Amazon or Powell's and read it in French!

2. Read news stories online at sites like

3. Google anything at The City of Paris website is always interesting. Try your favorite museums, monuments and cities. Or an author or event that intrigues you. Or recipes (recettes).

4. Read French poems online.



1. Keep a journal -- write in it every day. Don't worry about grammar. Look up vocab words if you need them. Just write - EVERY DAY!

2. (you have to sign up but it's free)

3. Start an email correspondence with a former classmate.



1. Again –!

2. Skype once a week with a former classmate.

3. If you're in Denver, join the "Copains du jeudi" conversation group.



1. Set your phone to French!

2. Set your computer's home page to French! (Something like the news or a mot du jour page.)

3. Frenchify your room: Surround yourself with French: make French labels for your furniture, appliances, and walls; buy or create French posters; and use a French calendar.

4. Are you a list maker? Do it in French!

5. Think in French while performing routine actions. When walking to the refrigerator, think J'ai soif or Qu'est-ce que je vais manger ? Consider the conjugations of se brosser while brushing your teeth and hair. State the French name of each item of clothing as you put it on or take it off.