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Susan Stakel

Susan   Stakel


I received my PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and have been at DU since 1982. My research interest is medieval French literature; I have published two books on medieval poetry and am currently working on fourteenth-century urban drama. I love to teach and enjoy being the undergraduate advisor for the French section. I believe that studying language, culture and literature can make you a better citizen of the world and can even make you a better person. A complete curriculum vitae can be found on the University of Denver Portfolio pages.
Favorite book: Christine de Pizan's La Cité des dames
Favorite film: Jean Cocteau's La Belle et la Bête
Favorite foods : chocolate and raspberries -together if possible
Ambition: to have a pied à terre in Paris; to be transported to the Middle Ages (preferably not during a plague year) for answers to all those questions to which I currently have to respond « We just don't know.»

French Courses Taught:

  • Français élémentaire
  • Français du deuxième degré
  • Lire, écrire et parler
  • Stylistique avancée
  • Introduction à la littérature française
  • Langue, culture, film: les Français et leur histoire
  • Langue, culture, film: l?Identité
  • Langue, culture, film: les Femmes
  • Langue, culture, film: Paris
  • La Civilisation contemporaine
  • Le Théâtre du moyen âge
  • Le Théâtre du vingtième siècle
  • L'Amour et la mort
  • Le Genre et les genres au moyen âge
  • La Littérature courtoise en contexte
  • Vues d' Amérique
  • Christine de Pizan
  • Chrétien de Troyes
  • La Littérature francophone africaine et caraïbe
  • Conversation et Composition
  • Déjà Vu: French Films and their American Remakes (AHUM)

PhD University of Wisconsin, Madison


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