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German at DU

Picture of the Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps

Why Study German?

German is easy! Especially English native speakers can master German with relative ease as both languages share a common history.
Through German, you will develop intercultural competence and drastically improve your employment opportunities; whether you study international business, chemistry, art history, or engineering--you will benefit greatly from knowing German.

German is the language of music, philosophy, literature, and science: Beethoven and Mozart, Marx and Nietzsche, Goethe and Kafka, Einstein and Alzheimer to name a few. Learning German will give you access to a rich body of knowledge in many disciplines.

Furthermore: if you like to plan ahead you should know that many academic graduate programs require or recommend German.

About the Program

The German Program combines language study, intercultural training, literature, art, history, and film. We offer elementary, intermediate, and advanced language courses, as well as courses that deal with topics of special interest. Almost all courses are conducted in German, but some of our advanced seminars are offered in English and/or are cross-listed. DU's German section, in conjunction with the Goethe Institut Chicago, also offers testings for the internationally recognized Certificate German for the Profession (for business related communication, ZDfB).