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Italian: Study Abroad

Did you know that Italy is the country most often chosen by DU Cherrington Global Scholars? Are you looking to create your own Italian adventure? How about Bologna?

The University of Denver has its very own center in Bologna, Italy.

Students have two options for studying in Bologna:

1) The faculty-led fall or spring term in Bologna. This program is co-led by University of Bologna and DU faculty working in tandem to provide students comprehensive academic and community experiences alongside Italian and other international students. In Bologna, you will be immersed in an international cultural experience that allows you to explore global perspectives, relationships, challenges and leadership. The four components of the program include an intensive five-week language program, a Core course taught by a DU faculty member, a UNIBO seminar series with a service experience, and UNIBO course taught in the Department of Political Science. 

2) Directly entering the University of Bologna (Europe's oldest university) as an exchange student for either two quarters or an entire academic year and earning DU credit. A pre-session intensive language program is available in September or January. Semester and classes begin in October and mid February. In addition to earning credits toward the major or minor in Italian, this total immersion program allows students to experience Italian culture first hand.



In addition to Bologna, the University of Denver has numerous affiliated sites throughout Italy that, with the generous support of the Cherrington Global Scholars program, allows students to earn DU credit while in Italy. There are programs specifically designed for students interested in Business, Art History, Italian Literature, HRTM, political science and more. Head to the Study Abroad office to find out more about these programs.

Living and Working in Italy Study Abroad Program:

The Living and Working in Italy faculty led program is a total immersion program that takes students to the town of Mola di Bari, Italy, during Winter Interterm. Students who participate in this internship meet for conversation sessions with the professor, participate in weekly excursions, work in actual work-sites, and meet weekly to read a novel by a local author, which enables them to explore the local reality while enhancing their linguistic skill.

Mola di Bari