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Japanese Undergraduate Minor

As of Fall 2008, the requirements for the Japanese Minor are as follows:

  • 24 credit hours in Japanese language courses beyond the elementary level, including at least one 3000 level course.

Qualifying 2000 and 3000 level courses for the language requirement are listed below. Courses are to be taken in the appropriate sequence.

JAPN 2001  Intermediate Japanese I 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 2002 Intermediate Japanese II 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 2003 Intermediate Japanese III 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 2100 Conversation and Composition I 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 2600 Conversation and Composition II 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 3100 Advanced Conversation and Composition 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 3300 Advanced Japanese 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 3701 Reading Japanese Culture 4 Qrt Hrs
JAPN 3901 Independent Study Variable

We also strongly recommend that before completing the minor, students take at least one course in an area of Japanese culture or history from university offerings. Faculty can advise on courses available.