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Russian at the University of Denver


Forging an identity for the new millennium, Russia has decided to honor its imperial past: the coat of arms and national flag are Tsarist; the national anthem and emblem of the armed forces are Soviet. History and culture saturate Russia, a country whose citizens have traditionally believed in an almost messianic role for their motherland on the world stage. Indeed, Russia remains a country of global political, financial, military, and cultural significance.

The Russian Language and Literature Program at the University of Denver will give the student the tools and the understanding necessary to function in a culture so similar, and yet so different, from our own.  Graduates have proceeded to graduate school, the private sector, and positions in Russia itself, using a foreign language which, along with Spanish, Arabic, and Mandarin Chinese, is one of the most in demand today. Find out why by going to Why Study Russian, a site produced by the American Council of Teachers of Russian (ACTR) and the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL).

The Russian Language and Literature Program at the University of Denver seeks to integrate the learning of Russian in three areas of endeavor: the student's language ability, cultural fluency, and personal self-definition. Each area interacts to form a whole: language ability is strengthened in classroom instruction and, when possible, study abroad; cultural fluency is learned through exposure to literary traditions, translation skills, and the media; personal self-definition is attained through work in the Russian community, the informal use of Russian, and internships in Denver and/or abroad. Each student equally serves to vitalize faculty in the Russian Language and Literature Program by bringing new and fresh perspectives on the assimilation and the integration of the three areas of endeavor. The Program is thereby a partnership between student and faculty and is assessed as such.

Welcome, and feel free to download the Russian Brochure (a PDF file for download and printing).