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Library Resources in Russian

The Russian Language and Literature Program has been busy building DU's Penrose Library collection of works in Russian -- both translations and original Russian-language versions -- over the past few years.

Thanks to grants from the Women's Library Association and the European Studies Program -- and thanks to the library's determination in this regard as well -- the Russian collection is growing to overflowing. In the early 1990s it would have been practically impossible to find copies of the works of most Russian writers in the original Russian.

Now the library is at 97 percent of its goal -- to have at least one good copy of the main works of every Russian writer in Russian literary history. There are authoritative editions of the major writers of the Russian canon, as well as a significant concentration on most contemporary writers (the contemporary Russian literature collection is the envy of many a Russian program). Penrose Library has a broad assortment of works by and on Mikhail Kuzmin. The collection likewise is formidible in Aleksandr Pushkin, including the complete 1937 jubilee edition of his works, the Slovar' iazyka Pushkina, the complete concordance to his works, and the 1995 facsimile edition of his complete notebooks.

The collection is able, at present, to support the majority of research conducted at the BA and the MA level, as well as faculty research. When coupled with the journals and newspapers to which the library subscribes, the research facilities at DU are equal to and better than virtually all Russian programs in the US outside of the major research universities with established PhD programs in Russian/Slavic.

Outside of DU

For items which Penrose does not currently have, there is access to the Norlin Library at the University of Colorado at Boulder, which has a strong collection, particularly of items published in late Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union up to the 1970s. A broader electronic search is possible as well: all area academic libraries are linked online through the Prospector Online Catalog. Also interesting are the online services of Moscow's Russian State Library, (formerly the Lenin Library), Saint Petersburg's Russian National Library, (formerly the Saltykov-Shchedrin Library), and the Library of Congress Online Catalog of the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.

The Department of Languages and Literatures has also helped, along with the Social Sciences Foundation, to build an enviable stock of films and television programs on DVD, videocassette, and even laserdisc, which are used in the classroom. The Program is likewise on the cutting edge with respect to the use of computer and video-assisted instruction. All of these resources are used in tandem with the growing library resources to make a truly outstanding research base for both undergraduate and graduate students in Russian and other fields.