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Resources in Russian Language, Literature, and Culture at the University of Denver

The Russian Language and Literature Program at the University of Denver does not only comprise courses of study, although those are, indeed, the foundations upon which everything else is built. We have also developed a number of computer, audio, and grammar resources for students of Russian, and a page with suggested websites to visit.  We all have the Russian National Anthem (in Russian and English), a map of Russia, and more.  These pages are all located at the Russian Program's Resources Site (you can also click on the header above or the footer below to access these pages).

There is also much more information about Russian at DU on the left-hand navigation bar.  Please take the time to visit those sites, where you can find out about study abroad in Russia, about DU's library resources in Russian, what a typical four-years' study in Russian at DU looks like, what the Dobro Slovo Honor Society is all about, how to make your computer work in Russian, and how we assess our students in Russian at DU.

Again, take the time to explore the Internet for sites of interest as well.  Access to the web has exploded in Russia, and sites are being added every day. It would be impossible to keep a comprehensive list of sites that might interest students or people with an interest in Russia and/or Russian. Exploring and discovering new things, then, is part of the fun.

Please note that our audio files on the Resources Site are accessible only from the University of Denver's network.  You must be on campus or logged in through the University's VPN to have access to these files.

Resources in Russian Language, Literature, and Culture at the University of Denver