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Typical Course Sequence in Russian at DU

An example course sequence for a student entering the undergraduate BA program with no experience in Russian is given below. These courses depicted are for example purposes only -- please proceed to appropriate page to see titles and descriptions of the courses listed as well as all courses offered at each level.

  • 1st Year: RUSS 1001, 1002, 1003 (total credits 12, completing DU's language proficiency requirement).*
  • 2nd Year: RUSS 2001, 2002; RUSS 2110 (total credits: 12).
  • 3rd Year: RUSS 2416; RUSS 3991; RUSS 3101; RUSS 3500 (total credits: 18).**

(*DU's Language Proficiency Requirement mandates that a student must complete either the first-year of a language, or one course at a level higher than first-year in that language.  See your advisor for more information.  **Students are encouraged to consider studying in Russia for the fall quarter of their third year of Russian (or for their third academic year of study). Studying abroad in Russia under the Cherrington Global Scholars Program would significantly increase the number of credits earned during the student's third year. Students generally continue taking Russian courses upon their return to the University of Denver in order to complete their major and maintain their Russian.)

  • 4th Year: RUSS 3997; RUSS 3850; RUSS 3901; RUSS 3701 (total credits: 14).
  • 4th Year Distinction in Russian Option: RUSS 3997; RUSS 3850; RUSS 3901; RUSS 3701; RUSS 3998 (total credits: 18)

Also available are numerous individually-tailored courses, which can supplement the standard course offerings in Russian, and English-language courses, which can either be counted towards the University's general education requirements or once to a program of study in Russian language and literature. Likewise, the Program regularly adds new courses to meet the needs of its students.

    Finally, students can also sometimes take related Comparative Literature, History, and English courses for Russian credit. These lists of courses are regularly revised to reflect how the Russian Language and Literature Program is adapting to the changing situation in Russia and the world at large. The Program is committed to providing the most intensive language learning possible, coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of literature, culture, linguistics, and critical thinking/theory. The student of Russian at the University of Denver receives the best possible education in all aspects of Russian.