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Polina   Rikoun


Polina Rikoun, Lecturer of Russian, received her PhD from Harvard University in Comparative Literature, with a main focus on Russian and additional specializations in Ukrainian and American literature. She loves teaching Russian language, literature, and culture; her three favorite literature courses that she has taught so far were on nineteenth-century Russian classics, Russian women writers, and on slavery and serfdom in Russian and American fiction. She is also developing a course on evil in Russian and Ukrainian literature and culture, to be taught in the Arts and Humanities Foundations curriculum. Her research interests include narrative theory, empire studies, Russian-Ukrainian relations, and the cultural identity of post-imperial cities, particularly Odessa. She is now working on a book project, Narrating the Empire, which examines how writers use narrative to advance different interpretations of Russian imperial history. In her spare time, Polina loves to read, hike, cook with her husband Andrew, and play with her cat Gracie.

PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard University


Narrative theory, empire studies,Russian-Ukrainian relations, cultural identity of post-imperial cities particularly Odessa