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Spanish at DU


The Spanish Program at the University of Denver offers functional and communicative focus in language courses that allows students to develop their listening, reading, speaking and writing proficiency in Spanish. Such courses provide a foundation for practical oral and written communication and for literary and cultural analysis.

The upper division Hispanic Studies Program focuses on cultural and interdisciplinary studies in Spanish, Latin American, and U.S. Latino/a culture and literature. In this program, students acquire an advanced level of language proficiency and cultural knowledge as well as the analytical and interpretative skills applicable to a wide range of disciplines such as International Studies, Business, Psychology, and Education.

Why Spanish?

  • Spanish is the language of 19 countries in addition to Spain and the United States with the largest emerging majority group of 37 million Latinos.
  • There are 400 million speakers worldwide that use Spanish as the language of international trade and communication.
  • There are Spanish speakers in some Asian countries such as the Philippines and within a portion of the population in Equatorial Guinea and Morocco.
  • The United States is the fifth largest Spanish-speaking country in the world with only Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia as countries with more Spanish speakers than the United States.
  • By the year 2010, one in every four United States citizens will be Latino.

For more information, download the Spanish Program Brochure!

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