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The Department of Communication Studies is committed to high quality human relationships and to exploring the communicative conditions for ethics and justice in human sociality.

We are a teaching department that places high priority on making our own contributions to new knowledge about communication, and our scholarship variously follows both social scientific and humanistic approaches. We refuse to privilege one research method over another.

Throughout its history, the department has been intrigued by theory, yet we have never eschewed practical application. Just as we began a hundred years ago being proud to teach people to be good public speakers, today we are committed to advancing quality, ethics, and justice as outcomes of  communication.

For additional information about our undergraduate major not found on this website please contact Dr. Beth Suter, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

For additional information about our graduate program not found on this website please contact Dr. Mary Claire Morr Serewicz, Director of Graduate Studies. 





Associate Professor

My research centers on critical intercultural communication with a focus on cultural memory. In particular, I examine how performances of cultural memory shape contemporary debates over public education. My work is driven by the argument...

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Graduate COMN Major

My research dwells on the ethical implications that sit at the intersection of language-use and perception. I earned an interdisciplinary MS at the University of Oregon in rhetoric and education where I studied ethics-based approaches to rhetoric...


Tessa HansenJenny Roberts

Undergraduate COMN Major

On a whim - and because it fit into my requirements for general studies – I took the Foundations to Communication Studies course fall quarter of my freshman year. Immediately, I was hooked. I saw that this was a field of study that operates in our everyday world...