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Socio-Legal Studies

Sociolegal Studies Courses and Course Descriptions

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Fall Quarter 2014






MFJS 3700 New Media Law and Regulation MW 12-1:50pm Derigan Silver
PHIL 2040 Practical Logic MW 10-11:50am Candace Upton
PHIL 2150 Philosophy of Law TR 10-11:50am Jeffrey Brown
PLSC 2820 Civil Rights & Liberties TR 4-5:50pm Jeffrey Lyons
PLSC 2840 International Law & Human Rights MW 10-11:50am Lisa Conant
SOCI 2250-1 Criminology MW 10-11:50am Jessica Mardock
SOCI 2250-2 Criminology MW 2-3:50pm Jessica Mardock
SOCI 2260 Deviance & Society MW 12-1:50pm Tanya Kaanta
SOCI 2701 Deportation Nation TR 12-1:50pm Dingeman-Cerda
SOCI 2750 Sociology of Law TR 2-3:50pm Dingeman-Cerda