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Del Rosso

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Jared Del Rosso

Jared Del Rosso

Jared Del Rosso

Assistant Professor
Sturm Hall 428
Phone: 303-871-2773
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Areas of Expertise/Research Interests

Sociology of Knowledge, Cultural Sociology, Human Rights, State Violence, Denial, Textual Analysis

Professional biography

Jared Del Rosso is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology and Criminology. His research examines the recent debates in the U.S. about detainee abuse, torture, and interrogation policy. He is especially interested in understanding the social processes by which political communities assign meaning to their own acts of violence and the suffering that it causes. His work on these topics has appeared in Social Forces, Social Problems, Sociological Forum, Humanity & Society, and the Huffington Post.

Before joining the University of Denver in 2012, Del Rosso was a joint-lecturer in the Department of Sociology and the Justice Studies Program at the University of New Hampshire, where he taught courses in qualitative methods, crime, and conflict. Prior to that, he served as a graduate teaching fellow at Boston College. There, Del Rosso designed a course on torture, which he taught as an elective for the Department of Sociology at BC and for the Experimental College at Tufts University. He has further developed this course into a First-Year Seminar for the University of Denver.


PhD   Sociology, Boston College, 2012
MA    Sociology, Boston College, 2007
BA     Sociology, Brandeis University, 2003

selected publications

Del Rosso, Jared. 2014. "The Toxicity of Torture: The Cultural Structure of U.S. Political Discourse of Waterboarding." Social Forces.

Del Rosso, Jared. 2014. "Textuality and the Social Organization of Denial: Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo, and the Meanings of U.S. Interrogation Policies." Sociological Forum 29(1): 52-74.

Del Rosso, Jared. 2013. Film Review: Torture in Zero Dark Thirty, by Kathryn Bigelow. Humanity & Society 37(4): 348-50.

Del Rosso, Jared. 2013. "What the Guantanamo Hunger Strikers Achieved." Huffington Post, August 8.

Del Rosso, Jared. 2013. "What Terror Requires." Huffington Post, July 24.

Del Rosso, Jared. 2011. "The Textual Mediation of Official Denial: Congress, Abu Ghraib, and the Construction of an Isolated Incident." Social Problems 58(2):165–88.