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DU Theatre is implementing a new system of courses for experiencing and learning about Theatre production. These courses replace DU's venerable ensemble program.

The Basics- requirements

Majors/Minors will complete:

These requirements for students entering Fall 2013- see below for continuing Major requirements.

Tech and Costume Studio: Experience in Costume and Scene Shops.

-Majors take 5 Studios. Minors take 3.
-All students must take one Tech Studio (Lighting and Scenery) and one Costume Studio. For the additional studios, students may choose additional Tech or Costume Studios for a total of five.
-Studios take place MWF 2:30-6pm starting week 2 of the quarter, and continue until the last day of class. Students are required to attend all scheduled sessions- Studio does have several days off during the quarter- see Studio calendar for details.
-Each Studio student is responsible for one Saturday workday during the quarter (either week 5 for JMAC or week 6 for Byron).

Production Studio: Practical experience in a Production
-Majors take 5 Studios. Minors take 3.
-Students may receive Studio credit for acting, designing, dramaturgy, directing and run crew for approved DU Theatre productions.
-Students may count Acting/performance for a maximum of 3 Studios. The others must be Run/Design/Directing/Dramaturgy.
-Working on productions in 2 different Casptone cycles counts as a Studio credit.
-Staged readings and independent projects cannot be used for Studio credit.
-Students must sign up for Production Studio credit prior to the Tech of the production they have chosen.
-No retroactive credit.

Signing Up

Each quarter, you sign up for Studios by e-mailing Steven at
He will assign you to a Studio based on your preference and available Studio space.
-You can take a Production Studio (show-related) and a Tech/Costume Studio at the same time- plan ahead- it's a big time commitment.
-You can only take a Costume Studio OR a Tech Studio in any single quarter. They share the same shop time, so you can't double those up.

-Tech and Costume Studio begin Monday of Week 2- you must be signed up prior to this date. Costume Studio has a limit of 10 students- sign up early for this if you want to get in!

-You can sign up for Production Studios up to Tech Week for a show. Typically, most students sign up after casting- either as an Actor or Run Crew. 
-Run Crew slots are on a space-available basis. Please plan ahead!
-In some cases, you may have a special Production Studio, working with Faculty & Guests as a Dramaturg, Assistant Designer, Assistant Director, or a special project. You must STILL sign up with Steven, who will work with your Supervising Faculty to make sure you're on track.

How Am I doing?

Track your progress- below are two spreadsheets listing completed credits. This information was compiled from Shop hour sheets, programs, etc. If there is a problem, please e-mail Steven at

Tech/Costume Studio Completion Information (updated to Fall 2013- 11/12/13)

Production Studio Completion Information (updated to Winter 2014- 3/21/14)

Continuing Majors

Studio Requirements

Starting in the Fall 2013, for continuing majors:

Production Studios
-The number of shows (acting/run crew) you need to work on is FIVE (the same as last year). There is no limit to the number of acting/performance roles you can count as Production Studios.

Tech/Costume Studios
-The number of Shops you need to complete (costume/scenery/lighting) will drop from six to FIVE. You must take at LEAST one Costume and One Tech.

Minors are still 3 and 3

Still Wondering? Use our handy-dandy Handout! Explains:
-Ensemble/Credit/Studio Explanation 
-Convert Ensemble/Credit to Studios


Run Crew (Production Studio) schedule- 1/14/14

Tech Studio Calendar- Winter 14- 1/13/14