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Urban Studies

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Urban Studies

Engaging the Century of the City

Urban Studies?

DU's urban studies minor offers a broad, multidisciplinary introduction to the urban environment.  Students learn about the history of urban society in the USA and the consequences of public policy that addresses

  • urban planning
  • transportation
  • housing
  • education
  • growth management
  • economic development

Students working toward a minor in urban studies take courses in anthropology, education, economics, geography, human communication studies and sociology.  They think and learn about cities in an informed, disciplined and integrated way.


A minor in urban studies can prepare you for a job in fields like:

  • urban planning and redevelopment
  • low-income housing development
  • criminal justice
  • environmental planning
  • human services
  • law and government
  • real estate
  • teaching
  • international development
  • foundations and public policy research

For coursework details visit the urban studies page.

summer 2016 course with instructor john knott

city crafting-scaling the regeneration of cities

 City Crafting - Scaling the Regeneration of Cities

Fall 2016 interterm course with instructor Eric boschmann

nyc geography fall 2016 interterm flyer

NYC Geography Fall 2016 Interterm Course