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Urban Studies

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Urban Studies

Engaging the Century of the City

WHAT IS Urban Studies ABOUT?

We are living in an Urban Age.  In fact, most people on the planet today live in cities. Chances are you will live the rest of your life in a city.  DU's Urban Studies minor offers a broad, multidisciplinary introduction to the urban social and natural environment. Students learn about the history of urban society in the United States and other parts of the world, various approaches to understanding the contemporary city and its problems, and the impact of urban politics and economics on:

  • city planning
  • policing and security
  • transportation alternatives
  • availability of affordable housing
  • access to public space
  • access to parks and green space
  • educational opportunities
  • access to cultural amenities
  • design and construction of the built environment
  • sustainable development

Students working toward a minor in Urban Studies take courses in anthropology, history, geography, communication studies, political science, real estate, sociology, and other disciplines.  They think and learn about cities in an informed, disciplined and integrated way.


A minor in urban studies can prepare you for a job in fields like:

  • urban planning and development
  • criminal justice
  • environmental planning
  • human services
  • law and government
  • real estate and construction
  • teaching
  • international development
  • foundations and public policy research

For coursework details visit the urban studies page.

summer 2016 course with instructor john knott

city crafting-scaling the regeneration of cities

 City Crafting - Scaling the Regeneration of Cities

Fall 2016 interterm course with PROFESSOR Eric boschmann

nyc geography fall 2016 interterm flyer

NYC Geography Fall 2016 Interterm Course