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Leo Block Alumni Center

Your first stop when you come back to campus

Taking a trip to visit your alma mater? Make the Leo Block Alumni Center your first stop. Open Monday–Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., the alumni center is your resource for events and information.

Situated on the north side of campus, the alumni center boasts an inviting library and conference room, patio and rose garden, brick-paved sidewalks and a beautiful view of campus.

Stop in for a cup of coffee and browse through decades of University of Denver yearbooks, historical photos and alumni awards. Alumni Relations staff will welcome you and catch you up on the latest campus news.

The history and namesake of the Leo Block Alumni Center

Struggling to overcome the financial hardships of the Great Depression, Leo Block graduated from the University of Denver with an AB in 1935. Getting through college was tough - he made it only with the help of scholarships, loans and a job at the DU Clarion, which led to his appointment as editor during his senior year. Mr. Block admits he fell in love with the University as a freshman and he quickly got involved in any and every campus activity he could.

After graduating and working in the insurance industry, Mr. Block was drafted by the Army in 1942 and served in Italy. Following the war, he joined a cousin in a small wine bottling business in San Antonio, Texas. Finding distributing to be more lucrative than bottling, the two formed Block Distributing Company, which became the largest wine and liquor-distributing outlet in south Texas.

In 1985, Leo Block returned to DU for his 50th class reunion, and his love for the University was rekindled. During the commencement ceremony, a standing ovation for the Class of 1935 made Block realize just how much the University meant to him. Two years later, he gave the University $1 million. His gift was used to create the Leo Block University Professorship, an endowed chair that has been filled by former Governor Richard D. Lamm, social scientist and author Charles Murray, composer David Amram, poet Susan Howe, and others.

In 1992, in recognition of his enduring commitment and generosity to the University, Block was granted the Evans Award, the highest honor bestowed by the University Alumni Association. Mr. Block's generosity, with the support of the Adolph Coors Foundation and many alumni, allowed for the completion of the renovations to the Alumni Center.

When alumni "come home" to DU, they have a place of their own, the Leo Block Alumni Center, dedicated Oct. 26, 1996.