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Pioneer Ambassadors

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pi-o-neer [pahy-uh-neer] (noun): 1. One who goes before, preparing the way for others to follow.



Pioneer Ambassadors is a dynamic group made up of key student leaders on campus who serve as the liaison between the Office of Alumni Relations and the DU student body. Through regular group meetings and activities, they create ways for students to build beneficial relationships with alumni.

Pioneer Ambassadors focus on alumni connections, professional development and career readiness for students, university traditions and student philanthropy. 

In addition to creating their own programs, Pioneer Ambassadors work with the Office of Alumni Relations and help with activities including Homecoming, Pioneer Symposium, Founders' Day and Alumni Reunions. They partner with other student and alumni groups, including the Young Alumni group, to provide networking opportunities for students and alumni.


Pioneer Ambassadors aim to foster relationships between current students and Alumni through professional development and networking, while advancing student philanthropy and traditions across campus.

Join Pioneer Ambassadors

Pioneer Ambassadors is recruiting a new class of students during the fall quarter, 2015. Join us for an open house and meet current Pioneer Ambassadors on Wednesday, September 30th from 6-7:30 p.m. at the Leo Block Alumni Center. No RSVP is necessary. 

If you have any questions regarding Pioneer Ambassadors or the recruitment process, please contact Vy Pham, the PA Director of Recruitment at

Programs and Events

Industry Dinners 

One of PA's signature networking events, Industry Dinners are intimate events providing a small group of undergraduate students the opportunity to meet and network with DU alumni. These DU alums are accomplished within their fields and share their career advice with students passionate and curious about those same fields. The event includes dinner provided by an alumni owned restaurant and follows a format allowing each student to interact with each alumnus in attendance. This is a free event although attendance is limited. 

Athletics Industry Dinner (Thursday, October 1st, 6-8 p.m.) :  

Pioneer Ambassadors would like to invite you to apply to the next Industry Dinner which will include alumni who work in Sports or Athletic related fields. These dinners provide the opportunity for 15-20 students to have a small and intimate dinner with 5-10 alumni who will discuss how they applied their degree to a job in sports or athletics.   

The alumni attending include:

  • A college athletics coach
  • Owner of an aquatics consulting business
  • Professional sports agent
  • Event organizer at USA Taekwondo
  • Founder/organizer of athletics and recreation programs and youth sports

Complete Application here!

Outdoor Careers Industry Dinner (Tuesday, October 20th, 6-8 p.m.) :  Do you love the Outdoors? If so, then apply to attend this industry dinner where DU alumni will share how they used their DU education and their love for the outdoors to create a business.  

The alumni attending include:

Complete Application here!