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Alumni Relations

Office of Alumni Relations

Founders Day

University Awards

Each year at the Founders Day Gala, we present the following awards to outstanding University of Denver alumni and friends of the University:

Evans Award

The Evans Award, named for John Evans, principal founder of the University, is presented annually to a distinguished alumnus or alumna who has demonstrated achievement in his or her profession, offered humanitarian service to the community and demonstrated continuing interest in the University. It is the highest honor that DU bestows. Recipients must hold a degree from the University of Denver (earned or honorary). First awarded in 1951.

Professional Achievement Award

Recipients must have demonstrated outstanding professional achievement in their field, and be considered unusually successful or innovative by colleagues in the field. Recipients must qualify as an alumnus or alumna of the University, but do not need to hold a degree. First awarded in 1973.

Distinguished Service to the University Award

Recipients (individuals or groups) must have demonstrated outstanding and lengthy dedication and service to the University by serving as a faculty or staff member, trustee, volunteer or friend. Recipients do not need to be alumni of the University. This award is not always presented annually. First awarded in 1976.

Community Service Award

Recipients must have been heavily and continuously involved in major community activities and charitable causes, either as a professional or volunteer. Contributions of time and/or money must have earned a considerable level of recognition. Recipients must qualify as an alumnus or alumna of the University, but do not need to hold a degree. First awarded in 1973.

Randolph P. McDonough Award for Service to Alumni

This award is named for Randolph McDonough, University of Denver alumni director from 1934 to 1963. Recipients should have contributed to or served DU alumni in a noteworthy and significant way. Service to alumni may be demonstrated locally, nationally or internationally. The recipient does not need to be an alumnus or alumna. First presented in 1968.

Ammi Hyde Award for Recent Graduate Achievement

Recipients of this award must have graduated from the University of Denver within the previous 10-year period with an undergraduate/graduate degree, and must have demonstrated achievement of notable measure in their field. First awarded in 1993.