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Career Preparation

Life After Graduation

Learning for the sake of learning is admirable and certainly adds meaning to your life. But being able to apply that knowledge with purpose and relevance is what allows you to take
action on the great issues of the day and make a difference—not to mention succeed in an increasingly complex and demanding global economy.

At the University of Denver, you will be immersed in a learning environment that not only expands your intellectual capital, but also prepares you to use it. That's why in this tough economy, DU's job placement rate as of graduation day is almost double that of the national average.

The Facts and Figures


At the time of 2013 graduation, DU students had at least one job offer at nearly twice the rate of the national average and many already had new full-time employment lined up.

career employment graph

At the time of 2012 graduation, DU students were more likely to be going on to pursue graduate school than the national average. (2013 graduation data will be available shortly).

grad school data

The above national data is from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

du 6 month data

Students have found meaningful employment across a wide variety of sectors. Here is a sampling of some of the largest employers of DU graduates:

career companies list

Students are finding employment throughout the United States and the world. DU 2013 graduates had a median income of $40,000 and a mean income of $40,377. Those who had completed at least one internship during their time at DU had a median income of $42,000 and a mean incoming of $42,433.

career salaries graph

We offer extensive career services across campus to help students set goals and find the resources they need to take the next step in their life journey. Here is a sampling of the services available to our students:

career resources

Financial Commitment

Financial Aid Awards: Each year the University of Denver awards undergraduates more than $133 million in financial assistance. We proactively try to help students minimize the amount of debt they take on to fund their education as well as provide additional financial literacy support throughout their four years.

Default rates: The undergraduate students who finish their degree at the University of Denver traditionally have very low default rates (the percentage of a school's borrowers who default on loan payments). Our students receive wide-ranging support from the career center and from faculty within their discipline to help them find meaningful work after graduation; this allows them to begin paying back any educational loans they may have and learn to be wise money managers.

default rates
The above data is from the College Affordability and Transparency Center for the Fall 2011 cohort.


If you want to make more money—do an internship! National research findings suggest an internship premium of nearly 20% in favor of those who have completed internships or other work-related experience.

internship money

Because over half of internships nationwide are unpaid, we want to make sure all students have access to these types of experiences. Our students have several resources depending on their field of study and can apply for stipends to help make an unpaid internship a financially viable option.

At any given time the Career Center lists 1500+ current internship opportunities in their databases-- between Pioneer Careers (specific postings for DU students) and UCAN (a consortium of 22 colleges including Boston College, Brown, Emory, Oberlin, Harvard, Pepperdine, Tulane, Notre Dame, University of Chicago and other sister institutions that share access to internship opportunities).

The following indicates the percentage of students who have completed at least one internship. In addition, over half of our students completed more than one internship during their time at DU.

career internship data

The above national data is from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.


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