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Your guide to our students' success

World-class facilities. Robust learning opportunities. Extensive student-faculty relationships. An effusive spirit of optimism. And this is just the beginning.

The learning experience at the University of Denver is one where the intellectual energy is palpable and innovative thinking is prized; where a can-do attitude surrounds you and meaningful service is a given; where leadership is cultivated and a global understanding is achieved firsthand.

These are the ingredients when you have a personalized educational journey. We hope you'll read on to discover how they combine to give you an edge as a DU graduate.



"We're focused on the impact that the DU experience has on the lives of our students.  We measure our success by what they have learned, by how they think, by the manner in which their minds have expanded, and by the way in which self-examination in the context of our community has served to deepen their values and sharpen their commitments."

-Dr. Robert Coombe, Chancellor Emeritus

Ingredients for Success

learning opportunities       career preparation

degree completion       lifetime relationship

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Value of a DU Education

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