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June 2008

3-5: M.E.L.T. – by Alexandro Rojas-Sanders
A multimedia exhibition about reclaiming society from a consumerist lifestyle. Check out more of the artist’s work at:

May 2008

25-30: Select Start – by Josh Fishburn
An exploration of stillness in videogames through time-based media and play.

19-23: Memories of Cardamom – by Reji Kinn and
Brigid McAuliffe
Exploring a woman’s story of cultural identity and memory through images and sound. Check out more of the artist’s work at:

1-18: DEBRIS

About the Exhibit

“DEBRIS” was an exhibition of student art that explored the creative potential of rubbish and addressed issues of garbage, waste disposal, recycling and the environment. Nine artists – Andrew Baldwin, Richard Burgess, Laura Fry, Stephanie Gaumad, David Koller, Jillian Pate, Jen Schneider, E.K. Wimmer, and Maria Rose Wimmer - submitted works of all media (2-D, sculpture, and installation) that utilized recycled materials, images and themes.


March 2008

6-28:  Undeveloped: Images by Tibetan Youth –curated by Carrie Roy in collaboration with Lindsey Greising

About the Exhibit

“Undeveloped: Images by Tibetan Youth,” included 20 images all taken on disposable cameras by a group of 12 boys, ages 8 to 12, who live in a Tibetan monastery. Lindsey Greising, a senior international studies and political science major, spent the winter interterm in Tibet through Project Dharamsala, one of DU’s international service-learning programs. Greising wanted to see Tibet through the eyes of children, so prior to her departure, she called local camera stores asking for donations. Englewood Camera supplied eight disposable cameras and donated the developing, printing and framing for the exhibit. In this project, the disposable cameras were provided to boys at a local monastery, who were then given a brief lesson on photography basics and set free to take photos of their daily lives. “Some of the boys are as young as 8 and have left their families to pursue a life in the Buddhist tradition. It can only be imagined how difficult it is to be away from family, but it seems as the boys provide a decent support system for each other. Through the kids’ enthusiasm and excitement over this project, I realized the incredible power to triumph over hardship and find faith in a brighter future.” – Lindsay Greising

February 2008

7: Core Art and Media Program Opening from 5-7 pm

7-14: Core Art and Media Program Exhibition

21-28: Core Art and Media Program Site Specific Project


January 2008

10-31: E.K. Wimmer Show


About the Designer

E.K. Wimmer is the co-founder of the Iandi Art Movement which includes artists from Denver, Chicago, Boston, Ohio and London. In 1999 Wimmer had his first solo show Photomontages at The Copeland’s Gallery in New Mexico. For nearly a decade now his art has been featured in many publications including El Portal, Art Photography Calendar, Hey Quarterly, Phosphorescence Magazine, the book Sidedown Monograph #2 and numerous record covers. His work can be found in private collections throughout England, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Canada, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, Wyoming and California. E.K. Wimmer currently has shows lined up in Denver and London as well as the 2nd Iandi Art Movement Group Salon. In addition to his accomplishments as a painter and photographer, Wimmer has also directed and scored numerous short films including the music video Simply Call My Name which was recently featured at the 5F Film Festival. Also a classically trained musician, Wimmer has released five records under the name Veduta and has been included on multiple compilation albums as well as seven short films. E.K. Wimmer is presently finishing his MA in Art History and exhibits art in Denver, CO with his wife and fellow Iandi artist Maria Rose.

Portrait of Erin, 2007



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