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BA Art History

Students take Art History Survey I and II (ARTH 2819 and 2820), ideally in chronological sequence. At least one course in non-western art (Native American art, Asian art, Pre-Columbian art) and one in a period of art from before the year 1600 (Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance). Majors also take three classes of their choice in studio art, for a total of 59-60 hours. Students pursuing the B.A. degree must complete either a minor or a second major.

Major Course Requirements

48 credits in Art History: ARTH 2801 World Art I, ARTH 2802 World Art II, ARTH 2803 World Art III, a Pre-17th Century , and 32 more credits in art history. 
12 credits in Studio Art:
60 total hours of credit to complete the degree

Credit earned with less than a “C-” grade cannot be applied toward fulfillment of a major or minor.  Of the 183 credits required for the BA degree, a minimum of 75 credit hours must be upper division (2000-3000 level). 

Minor or Double Major Requirements

The BA student must complete either a minor or a second major.

University Requirements

The University Undergraduate Requirements (UReqs) extend through all four years of study at the University of Denver. All students, regardless of major area of study, share a common experience by taking courses in both Foundations and the Core Curriculum.