University Advancement Staff

Vice Chancellor

Lumpkin, ScottVice Chancellor, University Advancement (303.871.2741)
Melick, LindaExecutive Assistant (303.871.4485)

Associate Vice Chancellors

Cecil, KristineAssociate Vice Chancellor and Executive Director of Alumni Relations (303.871.2412)
Bredehoft, Caitlin – Administrative Assistant to Kristine Cecil (303.871.7778)
McCall, Michael Associate Vice Chancellor (303.871.2562)
Greiner, JessicaAdministrative Assistant to Mike McCall (303.871.2733)

Alumni Relations

Bowlby, Nick – Student Engagement Coordinator (303.871.2681)
Christensen, Nancy – Associate Director of Alumni Programs (303.871.2239)
Cross, Shannon – Alumni Events & Programs Manager (303.871.3122)
Farris, Natley – Assistant Director of Alumni Programs (303.871.2780)
Fowlkes, Deborah – Director of Alumni Lifelong Learning and Local Engagement (303.871.2702)
Hyman, Cindy – Director of Alumni Career Programs & Student Engagement (303.871.2234)
Kintigh, Emily – Alumni Office & Event Assistant (303.871.2199)

Annual Giving

Andersen, Cory Director of Annual Giving (303.871.2928)
Cochrane, KelseyAssociate Director of Annual Giving (303.871.6073)
Huynh, Chuyen Assistant Director of Annual Giving (303.871.4306)

Budget & Strategic Planning

Wilhelm, Brittany – Director of Operations and Project Management (303.871.2530)
Genter, Amanda – Associate Director of Budget and Operations (303.871.4723)
Slason, Kerry – Budget and Operations Assistant (303.871.2577)

Corporate & Foundation Relations

Conklin, MeganAssistant Director of Development, Foundation Relations (303.871.7878)

Development Office

Davis, Adrian – Director of Development (303.871.2321)
Fourroux, Mimi – Director of Development (303.871.2769)
Haliko, AshleyDirector of Development (303.871.2675)
Revitte, RobSenior Director of Development (303.871.4153)
Sandgren, Peggy – Executive Director of Development (303.871.7954)
Smith, Kellyn Senior Director of Development (303.871.4472)

Gift Planning

McKay, JoeExecutive Director of Gift Planning (303.871.4264)
Barker, Jessica – Gift Planning Assistant (303.871.2739)
Buderus, AshleyDirector of Gift Planning (303.871.4619)
Janosko, JeffreySenior Director of Gift Planning (303.871.2730) 

Parent & Family Giving

Smith, Jason – Director of Parent and Family Giving (303.871.6623)

Advancement Services

Gifts and Records
Sawyer, Saskia – Director of Gifts and Records (303.871.2704)
Howard, Kenny – Assistant Director of Gifts and Records (303.871.2311)
Lucero, DemetrioData and Gift Specialist (303.871.2521)
Pflum, Glenn – Advancement Services Assistant (303.871.4962)
Porras, MarlenaData and Gift Specialist (303.871.3692)
Sandau, Amanda – Data and Gift Specialist (303.871.2756)
Thomas, Cathy Senior Data Specialist (303.871.3612)

IT and Business Intelligence
Shaw, JustinDirector of IT and Business Intelligence (303.871.7866)
Haymore, SusanBusiness Analyst (303.871.7653)
Maddux, Scott – Systems and Reporting Specialist (303.871.4748)
Ward, JeremyComputer Support Specialist (303.871.4982)

Prospect Management and Research
Severns, Chari – Director of Prospect Management and Research (303.871.2395)
McDowell, MarieSenior Researcher and Writer (303.871.4704)
Wilfahrt, RachelResearch Analyst (303.871.3109)

Communications, Donor Relations & Stewardship

Chiron, Julie – Executive Director of Communications, Donor Relations, and Stewardship (303.871.4677)

Alumni Communications
Wood, Erica – Director of Alumni Communications (303.871.3286)
Boggs, David – Alumni Communications Intern (303.871.7552)
Thompson, Lesley – Assistant Director of Communications Technology (303.871.4108)

Development Communications
Satterwhite, Sarah – Senior Director of Development Communications (303.871.3286)

Donor Relations & Stewardship

Glenn, Shelby – Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship (303.871.2699)
Carleo, Tara – Assistant Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship (303.871.7988)
Wolff, Erica – Associate Director of Donor Relations and Stewardship (303.871.3966)
Zange, Jessica – Events and Programs Manager, Donor Relations and Stewardship (303.871.2925)


Daniels College of Business
Matousek, Andrea
– Senior Director, Advancement and Corporate & Community Relations (303.871.4768)
Spitz, Mona – Senior Director, Alumni Relations, Annual Giving & Stewardship (303.871.3387)
Bokencamp, Gloria – Office Manager (303.871.2799)
Furlong, Harmony – Project Manager, Alumni Relations (303.871.4384)
Graham, Kari – Administrative Assistant, Advancement and Corporate & Community Relations (303.871.2639)
Kelley, Melanie – Advancement Sales Support (303.871.2760)
Kraus, Jon – Director of Development (303.871.7749)
Lemmel, Kellie – Manager, Corporate & Community Relations (303.871.4752)
Mandolini, Aimee
 – Director of Development (303.871.7668)
Wiley, Kristen – Director of Development (303.871.3193) 

Sturm College of Law
Kelly, Ricki – Executive Director of Development, Sturm College of Law (303.871.6849)
Bieging, Lindsey – Administrative Assistant (303.871.6117)
Marks, PattiSenior Director of Development (303.871.2263)
Randle, Joycelin – Director of Development, Law (303.871.6123)
Savage, JennyAssistant Director of Donor Relations & Stewardship - Law (303.871.6398)

Josef Korbel School of International Studies
Thompson, JenniferAssociate Dean of External Relations (303.871.2555)
Chiacchierini, Andrew Corporate and Foundation Relations Associate (303.871.2514)
Bucher-McCoy, Jane – Development Coordinator, External Affairs  (303.871.2882)
Irving, AnnDirector of Development (303.871.2729)
Kirkeby, Alicia – Director of Alumni Relations & Events (303.871.2541)

Athletics and Recreation
Peck, L. Ryan
– Senior Associate AD for Development/Major Gifts Officer (303.871.2785)
Kuwata, Beth – Assistant Athletic Director (303.871.3944)

Graduate School of Social Work
Ricketson, Lynda – Director of Development & Annual Giving (303.871.7599)

Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System (IAALS)
Blackwell, Barbara
– Senior Director of Development (303.871.6613)
Mathis, Karen – Associate Executive Director (303.871.6615)

Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences
Werner, Isabel – Director of Development (303.871.7467)


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