Donor Programs

Endowment Reports

One of the functions of the Office of Donor Relations & Stewardship (DR&S) is the compilation of annual endowment reports. Individuals whose gifts have established an endowment at the University of Denver receive statements regarding the status of that endowment and its performance over the past year. Individual endowed funds are pooled for investment to contain costs and maximize returns. The University of Denver endowment is professionally managed to provide a reliable stream of support for critical needs and achieve long-term capital growth. The DU endowment provides support for scholarships, faculty chairs and professorships, key academic and research programs, student health and wellness initiatives, and other important priorities. A separate accounting is maintained for each separate endowed fund to track growth, expenditures, and additional contributions, thereby preserving the identity and purpose of each fund. 

If you would like a copy of your most recent endowment report, please contact Shelby Glenn at 303.871.2699. 

Please click here to view a sample of the Fiscal Year 2011 Endowment Report package.

Scholarship Receptions & Foundation Events

Scholarship receptions and foundation events offer foundation affiliates, donors, and scholarship recipients the opportunity to meet each other on campus. Student are given the chance to meet their scholarship representatives and thank them personally for their dedication to the University of Denver. During the reception, an outstanding student is given the opportunity to address all donors and fellow scholars, speaking about the impact their scholarship has had on their lives.

Please click here for photos from our 2014 Scholarship Receptions. 

DU on the Road

A signature program of the University of Denver, DU on the Road brings our university to your city. Representatives from DU, including faculty members, University Advancement representatives, and often Chancellor Robert Coombe, travel to multiple cities each spring and fall to gather with alumni. These events take a variety of formats and provide an opportunity for alumni across the country to reconnect with each other and their alma mater. 

View a list of upcoming DU on the Road locations. 

Chancellor’s Celebration

The Chancellor’s Celebration is an annual event celebrating the University and the donors whose generosity helps to sustain it. Chancellor Robert Coombe hosts this evening gathering to thank some of DU’s most dedicated contributors for their involvement and to highlight select accomplishments of the University. 

Click here for pictures from our 2013 Chancellor’s Celebration.

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