The University of Denver …
A university demonstrating visionary educational practices, with ethics, values, and social responsibility imbedded in its curriculum, its culture, and the lives of its graduates.

Education in its many dimensions is surely among the central challenges of our time. Access, affordability, and accountability in higher education; public, non-profit, for-profit education; K–12 reform and the need for enlightened leadership among principals, teachers and administrators; national competitiveness; and distance education … these are just some of the front-burner education issues debated in America today. 

DU’s Morgridge College of Education is firmly positioned in the middle of those debates and has become the place for critical research, new ideas, and community discourse. It is a fulcrum through which the intellectual assets of the University are leveraged to produce positive change in the schools of our communities, by developing the best teaching and learning practices, and training great teachers and school leaders. It is developing and implementing innovative, technology-rich, multidisciplinary practices across the academic landscape, driving change in school districts and universities alike.

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