The University of Denver …
Where exceptional students blossom—for Denver, for the Rocky Mountain region, and for the world.

University of Denver students, and the public at large, have access to extraordinary facilities, including the Ritchie Center for sports and recreation, the Newman Center for the Performing Arts, the Victoria Myhren Gallery, and the Ralph and Trish Nagel Arts Studios. Each of these provides countless opportunities for the University to enrich the community. 

DU’s artists, musicians, and athletes routinely share their gifts with the campus and the community. In order to excel and to do their best work, these extraordinary individuals need superior resources and dedicated faculty members and coaches to mentor and guide their success and achievement, whether in classrooms, labs, and studios or on athletic fields and in arenas. 

DU aspires to be the great international university for Denver and the Rocky Mountain region—in a way that drives its economy and enriches its culture. To achieve this goal, we seek to bring far greater numbers of international students, scholars, and visitors to campus. We will build more extensive partnerships with governments, international businesses, non-governmental organizations, and overseas educational institutions, and we will pursue programs and initiatives addressing the myriad of issues raised by globalization.

Ascend — The Campaign for the University of Denver