The Office of Gift Processing is responsible for the accurate and timely processing and receipting of all charitable donations and pledges made to the University of Denver...

...(including calling program gifts, stocks/securities, matching gifts, estate gifts, life incomes, gift-in-kinds, property, etc.).

The office serves as a resource and partner for University Advancement and the greater campus community to ensure that all of these donations are in compliance with IRS rules and regulations and CASE reporting standards; donor intentions are followed; and all philanthropic intend is in line with the University's mission.

Furthermore, Gift Processing creates all gift designations (incl. endowments and scholarships); handles payroll deductions; ensures that solicitation material does not mislead donors and oversees the creation of solicitation codes; processes corporate matching gifts; and manages the various internal matching programs.

The Office of Records is dedicated to providing a clean and up-to-date database of all alumni and donor records to be able to communicate with our donors, aid the work of our fundraisers, and provide accurate reporting. This Office is responsible for the continuous creation and maintenance of all donor related data (such as address, phone numbers, employment information, deceased information, duplicate ID resolution, and engagement information).

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