Photo of Robert Coombe, Chancellor

“What will it mean to be a great university in the 21st century, and what are the specific mechanisms by which the University will get there?”

Robert Coombe, University of Denver Chancellor

Message from the Chancellor

At the University of Denver, we begin each day asking ourselves this question, and we’ve thought deeply and strategically about our future. In the past several years, the University made great strides enhancing academic offerings, retooling and refurbishing campus infrastructure, providing a strong financial foundation, and expanding our footprint. Yet there is much still to accomplish—for our students, our alumni, and the many millions of people outside the walls of academia whose lives we seek to improve.

Without question, the quality of DU’s academic enterprise has surged forward, and as we approach our 150th year, the University of Denver is clearly on the move. DU is poised as never before to continue its ascendancy as one of this country’s great universities. With an energized and physically transformed campus providing the backdrop, we now continue our journey by carrying this spirit to the people, programs, and initiatives that will drive lasting change—at the University, in America and beyond.

Ascend: The Campaign for the University of Denver will power our vision of a great 21st century university. We will become a catalyst of positive change, fueled by hope, percolating with ideas, pulsating with the vitality of many cultures. We will be tough and determined, open-minded and optimistic, committed to our students and our community, to excellence and innovation, and to integrity and engagement.

Ascend — The Campaign for the University of Denver