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Compliance & Records Management

Welcome to Compliance and Records Management at the University of Denver. As part of the Risk Management Department, within the Business and Financial Affairs Division, we are responsible for the University's compliance and records management programs.

Whether it's complying with federal, state, or local laws – or complying with University policies, such as ones concerning records – the concept of compliance is focused on acting responsibly. The University has been very successful over the last 149 years due, in large part, to its ability to successfully comply with applicable laws.

There are a multitude of different laws and regulations applying to institutions of higher learning. Besides educational requirements related to topics such as privacy, research, and financial aid, other laws apply to the University on such diverse topics as building codes, business practices, taxation, hazardous waste, and employee safety, benefits, compensation, and non-discrimination. The compliance department helps keep track of legal requirements University-wide and is available for assistance when questions on compliance arise.

The success of the University depends in part on its public image. Compliance with the law helps maintain a positive image and build trust. Compliance with the law also creates a positive work environment for staff and faculty.