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Degree Programs

The Bridge Project


The Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program affords the opportunity for youth to attend college or university.  The program awards supplemental scholarships to cover tuition, fees, and books at each student's chosen higher education programs.

Scholarship students study many subjects, including education, criminal justice, neuroscience, psychology, graphic design, nursing, and business.  Several students have continued on to graduate school, attending programs in dentistry, pharmacy, medicine, education, chemistry, and social work.

Read Well

Read Well is a beginning reading program designed for K – 3rd grade students in need of remediation. The goal of Read Well is to provide students with the foundational skills critical to reading with understanding. The main focus of the program within the inclusive Read Well framework is small group instruction that is mastery-based, flexible, and guided by individual, ongoing assessments. The end-of-unit assessments allow educators to evaluate the progress and needs of each student and to decide whether immediate, intensive intervention or acceleration is warranted. Whole class instruction supports the skills and content learned in small group instruction.

For additional information about the Read Well program, please visit:

GR8 Readers

GR8 Readers is a program modeled after the research of Richard Allington and Anne McGill-Franzen of the University of Tennessee. The researchers claim the lack of summer reading is a major contributor to the reading achievement gap; those who do not have access to summer reading materials miss out on the opportunity to read and that lack of reading adds up significantly (ScienceDaily, 2010). The Bridge Project will utilize a modified version of Allington and McGill-Franzen's model to increase student reading enjoyment, build students' personal libraries, and increase literacy skills. 


RISE is a language and literacy program that supplements preschool curriculum through books, music, art and movement and specializes in augmenting preschool programs that do not have access to literary services and where children are less likely to be exposed to reading or story time. Every week, RISE is offered at all four Bridge Project locations.

The goals of the RISE program are to increase the ability of every  child to do well in school and later in life, to provide exposure to rich  literature with emphasis on vocabulary, fine and gross motor activities, art, music, and cognitive activities all based on specific age-appropriate pieces of  literature.

For additional information about the RISE program, please visit:

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

STEM is designed for an after-school setting focuses on three major components of science including Life Science, Physical Science, and Green Science. Classes are available for elementary and middle school students.

Second Step

The Second Step program features developmentally appropriate ways to teach core social-emotional skills such as empathy, emotion management, and problem-solving.

At The Bridge Project, we believe that children and youth need a wide variety of skills to be successful academically. Second Step provides Bridge participants the skills they need to manage their emotions and build positive relationships with their peers, families, and other adults in their lives.

For additional information about the Second Step program, please visit:

Smart Girl/Smart Guy

These prevention and enrichment programs are designed to engage in activities that develop their social-emotional skills. Smart Girl/Smart Guy gives participants the chance to think about and discuss the challenges they encounter and to formulate and practice appropriate and productive responses. This process nurtures participants' social-emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills – qualities proven to lead to success in life.

Each session focuses on a specific topic such as:

  • communication
  • leadership
  • critical thinking
  • assertiveness and refusal skills
  • anti-bullying
  • healthy decision making
  • smart media usage

For additional information about the Smart-Girl program, please visit: