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RISE (Read, Imagine, Share, Explore)

RISE is a language and literacy program that supplements  preschool curriculum through books, music, art and movement.

RISE specializes in augmenting preschool programs  that do not have access to literary services and where children are less likely  to be exposed to reading or story time. Every week, RISE is offered at all four Bridge Project locations.

The RISE program was designed and  continues to be refined utilizing state-of-the art research and practices, to  address these very needs for children who are living in poverty or at-risk  situations. The goals of the RISE program are to increase the ability of every  child to do well in school and later in life, to provide exposure to rich  literature with emphasis on vocabulary, fine and gross motor activities, art,  music, and cognitive activities all based on specific age-appropriate pieces of  literature.

For additional information about the RISE program, please visit: