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Bridges to the Future

Bridges to the Future

Bringing new perspectives to Denver about the world's most pressing issues

Bridges to the Future is DU's premier program for generating local discussions about pressing global issues and how they might impact the future.

Each year, DU chooses a theme and schedules a series of lectures and community events that address that topic. All the events are free and open to the community. 


2014 – 2015 Theme: Transforming Media: New Realities of the Digital Age


Look back at previous Bridges events

Watch the May 12, 2014 event, Unsettling Times: Higher Education in an Era of Change, presented by Dr. James Griesemer, Strategic Issues Program director

Higher education is facing a period of great change. Technology, demographic changes, costs that consistently outstrip inflation, growing price resistance from parents and students, competition from non-traditional schools, the potential for increased governmental involvement and other forces are challenging the pedagogy, economic models, traditions and viability of higher education institutions. The impact of disruptive changes that lie on the educational horizon is likely to be profound. If the experience of other industries is any guide, procedural inertia, organizational sclerosis and limited resources will lead to institutional retrenchment, downsizings, consolidations and a general thinning of the ranks of traditional schools.

For colleges and universities, the coming years promise to be challenging indeed. With this in mind, the 2013/2014 University of Denver Strategic Issues Panel examined the changes impacting higher education, the forces driving change and the characteristics of organizations in other industries that have survived and even prospered in times of great change.