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Thirty years ago, three professors in the University of Denver's psychology department founded the Graduate School of Professional Psychology to focus on preparing students for clinical practice.

Nearly one-of-a-kind in 1976, the school focuses on scientifically based training for applied professional work and offers master's and PsyD degrees. The program's main emphasis is on general clinical psychology, and students can select a specialization.

DU’s Department of Psychology, which is separate, offers PhD programs in child-clinical, affective-social-cognitive and developmental psychology.

"The traditional PhD trains students to be scientist-practitioners," says Peter Buirski, dean of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology. "Our mode trains students to be practitioner-scholars. Our students are trained to be consumers of psychological research, not generators."

Here's what our students and the dean say about the DU's Graduate School of Professional Psychology:

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What you can study

The Graduate School of Professional Psychology has offered a doctor of psychology degree since its inception. The program prepares graduates for careers in a variety of places, including independent practice, youth centers, the justice system and government.

In 1999, the school added a master of arts in forensic psychology in response to the growing interest in the application of psychological theory to the civil and criminal justice systems.

The school also offers a master of arts in international disaster psychology to address the psychological and psychosocial needs of international communities impacted by disasters such as war, political violence, natural disasters and epidemics.

Beginning in fall 2007, our school will offer a master of arts in sport and performance psychology, a program

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Published on May 14, 2007