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Match your strengths, interests and personality to real career opportunities with our comprehensive career assessment tools. We have provided these tools specifically to help current students, soon-to-be graduates and alumni.

Use them to choose a major, narrow your career focus or find the right fit for your career change.


The foundation of navigating a fulfilling and successful career path is understanding more about yourself—your values, interests, personality and skills—your VIPS.

These reflective documents are designed to help you to articulate some of your personal VIPS. Follow up with a career counselor for a more comprehensive discussion on how to incorporate your VIPS into your search for a major, internship or career.

Take stock of your skills and interests with our downloadable self-assessment worksheets:


Please find the University Career Center's assessment options below, and contact your school's career center to find out about their assessments.

Fees for student and alumni assessments are listed below. If the cost of taking the assessments represents a financial hardship to you, please inform your career counselor.


Based on Jung's theory, this assessment takes inventory of your personality—telling us whether you're more extroverted or introverted, more sensing or intuitive, more thinking or feeling, and more judging or perceptive.

You'll learn about your own personality, and we'll help you see where that personality type fits in with a variety of careers and majors.

Cost: $30
Time: This assessment takes less than two hours and includes a one-hour consult with a career counselor.


Based on how much you like or dislike activities, occupations, academic courses, work environments, learning styles and face-to-face interaction, this assessment helps identify themes that describe your career interests—as well as specific majors and occupations to research.

Cost: $30
Time: This assessment takes less than two hours and includes a one-hour consult with a career counselor.


Developed using more than 20 years of scientific research and designed for students interested in business careers, this Web-based assessment measures your interests, abilities and motivations. It also provides detailed descriptions for 27 business career paths, ways to evaluate corporate culture and interviewing tips for the business world.

Cost: $30
Time: This assessment takes less than two hours and includes a one-hour consult with a career counselor.

Based on extensive Gallup research, this career assessment helps you identify your top strengths, and the majors and careers where they'll give you an advantage.

Cost: $30

Want some one-on-one help choosing a major or career? Contact our team to schedule a career counseling session.


This free interest-and-skills assessment is designed to help you choose a major and career based on current Department of Labor data.

Cost: FREE


Designed to help you identify career interests, values, and skills, this assessment provides a key link between you and the occupational information databases.

Cost: FREE