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Community-Engaged Learning

Linking to Our Community

Colorado Service Learning Council

The Colorado Service-Learning Council (CSLC) is acsls logo coalition of P-20 institutions, government agencies, non-profit agencies, and corporations 

That supports service-learning as a teaching and learning strategy in Colorado.

The Colorado Service-Learning Council:

  1. Grows the Colorado network of service-learning practitioners and supporters
  2. Supports and helps direct collaborative service-learning projects
  3. Advocates for high-quality service-learning for learners in all settings and in all stages, that:
    • Focuses on community assets
    • Includes youth voice and diverse perspectives
    • Connects to curriculum/learning goals
    • Involves meaningful service and reflection
    • Is rooted in reciprocal partnerships

To learn about the mission and vision of the CSLC or to get connected and learn about upcoming opportunities, visit

Intercultural Global Studies Minor

Students in the intercultural global studies (IGS) minor take an innovative approach to understanding and engaging with diverse cultures within the United States and across the world.

By combining interdisciplinary coursework that complements your major with domestic and international engagement experiences, you'll develop essential intercultural skills. You'll also integrate theory and practice to make a positive impact in today's interconnected global society.