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There are no upcoming events at this time. Check back soon for fall event dates, including the annual Community Organizing Institute and the CCESL Open House!


Spring 2017 Public Good Impact Newsletter (PDF)

  • Varied Teaching Methodologies Inspire Students Learning About the Chicano Movement
  • Bridging the Criminal Justice System Gap
  • Interterm Class Brings Tangible Connections to Course Readings
  • Building the World as It Should Be
  • Sharing Insights from the Community-Engaged Fellows Program
  • Graduating Puksta Scholars Reflect on the Last Four Years
  • Work on Purpose: Exploring Work and Lives with Meaning
  • Using Research to Inform Public Policy
  • Breakfast! Debates! Tutoring! Books! Oh me, oh my!
  • Internship Sheds Light on Service Learning Concepts
  • Museum Exhibition Highlights the Many Voices of Denver
  • Colorado Public Achievement Programs Come Together
  • Community Engagement Corps: An Interview with Madison Alder
  • Roll Out the Red Carpet: Congrats to All CCESL-Affiliated Awardees!

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