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Office of the Chancellor

About the Office

Chancellor's Goals

1.  Create distinctive environments for student learning and effective teaching.

2.  Exercise the academic leadership to enhance the University's academic quality and stature, as well as the national and international reputation of its undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

3.  Reinforce a strong University-wide culture of research, scholarship and creativity. The chancellor will work to nurture that culture and increase University support of faculty research, scholarship and other creative activity.

4.  Develop global perspectives and connections. The chancellor will encourage expansion of internationalized curricula and student/faculty experiences abroad, and will further facilitate international partnerships and educational collaborations.

5.  Cultivate ethical understanding and behavior. The chancellor will support the curricular integration of ethics, demonstrate academic, professional and social responsibility, and insist on principled policy- and decision-making.

6.  Increase ethnic diversity. The chancellor will actively recruit and financially support growth of underrepresented domestic ethnic populations among the University's student body, staff and faculty.

7.  Enhance the University's endowment, facilities and its academic and financial standing. The chancellor will cultivate alumni and friends of the University while seeking significant financial support, following successful fund-raising efforts that generated $380 million to fund a range of priorities, particularly extraordinary improvements to campus infrastructure and the most extensive building campaign in University history.

8.  Build an inclusive, cohesive and dynamic campus community. The chancellor will foster social and intellectual community by renewing institutional commitments to shared governance, equitable compensation, employee recognition and cultural enrichment.

9.  Support excellence in Division I athletics. The chancellor will manage and elevate a model--academically-focused, ethically-guided--Division I athletics program.

10.  Provide University programs and operations with appropriate and effective technologies. The chancellor will further enhance the University's technological infrastructure for student learning, scholarship, management and educational initiatives.

11.  Make significant contributions to the public good. The chancellor will further extend the University's interactions with and service to its neighbor community organizations, the Denver community, the state of Colorado and the region.

12.  Maintain an excellent relationship with the University's board of trustees. The chancellor will work in harmony with board members to best utilize the board's experience, leadership, vision and dedication to the University.

13.  Achieve financial, operational, human and environmental resource sustainability. The chancellor will develop a robust and diverse resource base, improve management systems, attract the highest quality personnel and practice responsible environmental stewardship.

14.  Raise the University's profile in the world of higher education. The chancellor will actively engage in networking relationships with other colleges and universities, both at home and abroad, and serve as the spokesperson for the University's vision, values, mission and goals.