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Office of the Chancellor

University Vision

Diversity Statement

We believe that one mark of a leading university is its commitment to diversity and the concomitant practice of recognizing and valuing the rich experiences and world views of individuals and groups.

Diversity yields many benefits to institutions that successfully cultivate diversity within their educational, research and community service activities. By achieving and maintaining a multicultural constituency of administrators, faculty, students and staff, an institution successfully connects with the demographic reality of society. The institution gains an edge in educational and research opportunities and in preparing students for living and working in an increasingly diverse and global society.

The University of Denver community is strongly committed to the pursuit of excellence by including and integrating individuals who represent different groups as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, age, disability, national origin and religion.

The University's commitment to diversity in particular requires that we attract members of historically under-represented racial and ethnic groups. To create a rich academic, intellectual and cultural environment for everyone, our concern must extend beyond representation to genuine participation.

Our commitment must entail the creation of initiatives and programs designed to capitalize on the benefits of diversity in education, research and service. In sum, our actions must speak louder than our words. We also believe that in order to achieve our goals, we must create a campus climate with an ethos of respect, understanding and appreciation of individual and group differences. We must encourage the pursuit of social justice within and outside the institution.

A positive campus climate requires the University's sincere willingness to include all its diverse stakeholders in the decision-making process. No individual or group can be marginalized or systematically excluded. We aim for change within the University and ultimately, beyond the University. We seek to be leaders in the creation of a more inclusive and just world.

For more information about our efforts to ensure that the University of Denver continues to be an exceptional private institution that seeks to achieve excellence through diversity, please visit the Center for Multicultural Excellence.