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Panoram view of DU campus and mountains in background, with Center for Multicultural Excellence name across bottom

Advancing Diversity & Inclusive Excellence

Welcome to CME's digital home!

We invite you to use the resources on this site to learn more about our work, and how we can help your understanding and action for the University's commitment to Inclusive Excellence.

Chancellor's announced administrative changes

On December 4, Chancellor Chopp notified the University community of some structural changes at DU that affect CME, namely the creation of a new senior leadership position, the Vice Chancellor for Campus Life and Inclusive Excellence, to whom we will eventually report.

Expecting some questions from our participants and partners, a few quick FYIs:

  • CME is not going away; its staff are remaining. It’s business as usual for the foreseeable future.
  • The Chancellor and Provost will be seeking wide input into the job description and nationwide hiring process for the new Vice Chancellor position, whom we hope will be in place by next fall.
  • The new, combined division will evolve under the new VC, with continued input from DU stakeholders.

The Chancellor and Provost met with the staff in person, and remain clear that their intention is to further integrate Inclusive Excellence into all aspects of the University. These changes are to expand and improve the University experience for all.

While we don’t have additional details at this point, we do encourage all members of the University community to take advantage of all coming opportunities to provide input on the new position description and search.

Please let our professional staff know what questions you have; and watch for additional outreach from the Chancellor as the changes roll out.

Reflections and resources re: Ferguson

Since the start of the new academic year, CME has been addressing questions and concerns from faculty, staff, and students regarding opportunities for engagement and support for DU community members who are concerned with the ongoing situation in Ferguson, Missouri, and similar events nationally. Understanding that events beyond our campus boundaries can and do have an impact on our day-to-day interactions at DU, CME has prepared a resource document (PDF) to share with our faculty, staff, and student affinity groups. We recognize that all members in our community might also benefit from a friendly reminder of some resources available on campus, and so wish to share this document more widely. We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to read it and share with others in your networks.

The Center also hosted an impromptu, informal discussion for the DU community on Tuesday, November 25th, the morning after the Ferguson grand jury's decision. While almost 50 staff, faculty and students stopped by, we know that not everyone was able to attend. Look for additional Community Conversation opportunities in the winter term, to continue discussing the impact of local, national and global events on our campus communities.


  • The University releases report on founder's role in the 1864 Sand Creek Massacre, and hosts and notes various related events.
  • Winter (northern hemisphere) holidays 2014-15 bulletin board in a bag now on our publications page!
  • 14th annual Diversity Summit : Fifty Years Since Selma: Your Voice Still Matters! is January 22-23rd, 2015! Workshops proposals are still being accepted; and registration is open!
  • Congratulations to student staffer Brian Yoshida, highlighted in a new series in the DU magazine.
  • Check our Publications page for the latest Diversity Engagement Opportunities (DEO) compilation and Bulletin Board in a Bag. Upcoming CME and Joint Council student organization events on our online calendar (at right).