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Panoramic view of DU campus and mountains in background, with Center for Multicultural Excellence name across bottom

Center for Multicultural Excellence


In addition to offices and resources across the University (e.g., Provost faculty resources, Office of Teaching & Learning, the Faculty Senate), the Center for Multicultural Excellence offers DU tenured, tenure-track, non-tenure track, and adjunct faculty a variety of services and programs, summarized in our employee services flyer (PDF), our faculty professional development opportunities summary (PDF), and detailed below.

Dr. Debbie Mixon Mitchell , Director of Diversity Recruiting, is CME's primary contact for faculty services.

 Conducting a Fair & Inclusive Faculty Hiring Process
CME works in collaboration with campus colleges, schools, departments and external organizations to integrate Inclusive Excellence throughout the hiring process. Particular attention is given to (1) preparation of search committees, (2) recruitment & evaluation of large and diverse pools of applicants, and (3) faculty retention. See our Faculty Hiring page for these resources.
Candidate Contact

During campus interviews for faculty positions, some historically underrepresented candidates ask to speak directly with individuals with whom they share a particular aspect(s) of social identity (i.e., international status, sexual orientation, gender, race/ethnicity). They are interested in hearing underrepresented tenure-track and tenured faculty members' experiences on our campus as well as in the broader community.

In response, CME compiles a list of such faculty who are willing to talk with candidates who visit our campus. If you'd like to include your name on the list, contact Dr Mixon Mitchell (above). In addition to your name, we also need to know what aspects of your social identifications/perspectives you feel comfortable speaking from. (For example, Dr Mixon MitchelI feels comfortable discussing her experiences from the perspective of an African American female.)

The information will be used to connect candidates with faculty when requested. Please contact Dr. Mixon Mitchell (above) with questions or interest.

Affinity organizations

Once a hire is complete, ongoing success is best achieved with a plan for connecting the new hire to important supports and resources needed for retention and advancement. Support is especially important during the first year of employment, and can include connecting new hires to campus communities such as these affinity groups that CME supports:

  • Through regular meetings, resource sharing and networking, the Faculty of Color Association (FOCA) provides support for and by faculty and instructors from racial/ethnic minorities communities in support of DU's Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan goals around compositional diversity, climate and public good engagement.
  • The Queer Faculty Association (QFA) supports lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning-identified faculty on campus through advocacy, scholarship, and social networking.
  • CME also supports the work of various DU Women's organizations , including the Faculty Women's Association.
Consulting and Workshops

CME staff are available for consultation and training on issues of diversity that arise in or in relation to the classroom and/or department, including, but not limited to:

  • curriculum enrichment (e.g. infusing diversity into curriculum)
  • co-curricular learning opportunities (e.g. linking with local community-based organizations and on-campus activities)
  • intergroup conflict and cooperation
  • diversity resources and referrals

For some topics, we have ready-to-go workshops, as relevant; others can be developed. All will be customized to the specifics of your situation. We are also happy to consult, providing advice, resources and/or referrals.

Be sure to check out the on-line and in-person resources available from our colleagues at the Office of Teaching & Learning (OTL), many of which also focus on engaging Inclusive Excellence in the classroom.

Course Connections

CME compiles and regularly updates a DEOs list (Diversity Engagement Opportunities) of beyond-the-classroom events, programs and opportunities that allow students to engage issues of identity and diversity, that instructors can incorporate into the syllabi or otherwise assign/offer. See our Publications page for the latest version, and other resources.

Regular CME programs to consider connecting include our Voices of Discovery dialogues, Flick & Feed/Back movie discussions, Q&A Training and more.

Faculty IE news

Watch this space for updates on faculty-related IE resources, accomplishments and more.