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Inclusion & Equity Education

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NOTE: Our office is undergoing a re-organization and expansion beginning in the 2016-17 school year. We will be moving out from under the Center for Multicultural Excellence, and creating our own online and campus presence within the larger Campus Life & Inclusive Excellence division.

Our offices have already moved to 216 Driscoll North. Stay tuned for news of this ongoing administrative and online shift!

Having a demographically diverse campus community is educationally important (cf. Gurin for University of Michigan), and continues to be the focus of much quality scholarship and programming in US higher education, with application in the workplace, marketplace and civic involvement (eg, the legal professions). Such compositional diversity, including a much wider diversity of identities, is a necessary, but insufficient, element of Inclusive Excellence.

Similarly, in-group time (affinity-based organizations and events) is also helpful to many, as a familiar source of comfort and support, especially to those in numerical and/or power minorities.

However, using the well-known "salad" metaphor, it is not enough simply to have all the individual ingredients present in the kitchen; they must also come together for their still-distinct colors, textures and flavors to create an engaging and nourishing dish. Having diverse individuals learning, living and working on campus is little more than cosmetics, if they do not interact across identities, or if their interaction is infrequent, superficial or outright negative.

Therefore at DU, in addition to our work with specific, historically excluded populations, the Center for Multicultural Excellence also provides a variety of programs and services focused on preparing our community for and creating positive interactions across a wide variety of campus communities.


We offer a wide variety of ongoing and occasional educational programs, including:

We are also work various campus and community partners to introduce new and expand existing opportunities for community and skill-building for the 2016-17 academic year. For example, we are working with the Sustained Dialogue Institute on creating ongoing dialogues for students, staff and faculty, and likely to host another Peacemaking Circle on campus.

Please click on the respective program/service above for more information. (Check the Programs & Services menu for a full list of CME support and educational offerings.)

Online Resources

We are also working to expand the number and variety of online resources available through this website, to help Pioneers connect with information, organizations and opportunities to broaden and deepen their experience in sharing across our similarities and differences, such as:

  • Bias Incident Response Team (BIRT): our office is part of the leadership team launching this centralized reporting and response process during fall 2016.
  • Diversity Engagement Opportunities (DEO): a regularly updated compilation of some on- and off-campus events for individuals, organizations, classes, programs and units to engage in ongoing Inclusive Excellence learning.
  • Bulletin Boards in a Bag : monthly history, heritage and broader informational displays for download/print
  • by Identity resources: compilation of campus and community offices, organizations and more. (See on-campus and off-campus lists already available for/about LGBTIQ&Ally communities.)

Suggest or request information you think would be helpful to have handy.

Event Co/Sponsorship

While most of our time and budgets are already committed each year to planned, in-house projects, we sometimes co/sponsor special events that actively bring together our diverse communities, to engage intentionally and positively across differences. Check our online calendar for some past and upcoming examples.

Please contact us ( well in advance, with ideas and available details.

Please note: Simply inviting a variety of communities to attend an event (hoping for presence) is not our goal; we seek to create and support programs where active and intentional intergroup interaction (e.g., meaningful discussion) is a structured part of the event process, not simply having diversity in the audience or as a subject matter.