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Q&A (Queer & Ally) Training/Network

Q&A (Queer & Ally) Network

Queer and Ally Network logo: rainbow behind acronymThe Queer & Ally (Q&A) Network is comprised of members of the DU community (students, faculty and staff) who have gone through both Levels 1 and 2 of Q&A Training, and have committed to advancing DU's culture of Inclusive Excellence by posting their membership in the Network (displaying a placard in their office/room), acting as resources to the larger DU community, and staying informed of and engaged with LGBTIQ&A life at DU.

Current on-campus Q&A Network members

(listed alphabetically by dept/unit, and with date joined)
Michael Neil (alumn) May 2015
Gary Brower (Chaplain) July 2015
Moana Luri (Communication Studies) November 2015
Leslie Rossman (Communication Studies) November 2011
Monica Humble (Daniels College of Business) November 2011
Jennifer Light (Daniels College of Business) February 2015
Laura Simpkins (Daniels College of Business) September 2012
Dorothy Lechowicz-Edwards (Daniels College of Business) August 2013
Paula Cole (Economics) November 2013
Saleh Saterstrom (English) November 2006
Shannon Osborne (Financial Aid) November 2015
Sarah Pingel (Financial Aid) August 2013
Devon Sisneros (Financial Aid) February 2015
Sarah L Johnson (HCC) August 2006
Alex Limas (Health Promotion/CAPE) July 2015
Su Pal (HRE) October 2010
Gabriela Mohr (Health Promotion) July 2015
Sara Fitouri (Law student) February 2015
Amanda Edmiston (graduate student) November 2015
Joy Pan (graduate student) February 2015
Xiaoyi Zhu (Int'l & Intercultural Communication) February 2015
Christopher Pena (IR) January 2011
Jessica Mantia (GSPP) March 2011
Heidi Metroz (GSPP-Forensic Psych) November 2015
Dani Speelman (GSPP-Forensic Psych) March 2013
Christine Recchiute (GSPP-PsyD) July 2015
Kiara B Vann (GSPP-PsyD) March 2014
Allison Elber (GSPP-Sports & Performance) July 2015
Lisa Ingarfield (GSSW November 2006
Esther Turcios (GSSW) May 2012
Christina Nguyen (Int'l Admission) February 2015
Jennifer Bohn (Int'l & Intercultural Communication) May 2015
Gina Ellison (ISSS) July 2015
Levi Lindsey (Int'l Education) March 2011
Michelle Rembolt (Int'l Education) February 2015
Stephanie Roberts (Int'l Education) February 2015
Melissa Martin (Int'l Studies) May 2012
Erin McKay (Int'l Studies)November 2015
Sarah Blizzard (Morgridge College of Education) August 2013
Al Bowling (Morgridge College of Education) November 2013
Jesse Bruce (Morgridge College of Education) November 2015
Kali Cordes (Morgridge College of Education) November 2013
Myntha Cuffy (Morgridge College of Education) July 2015
Kristin Deal (Morgridge College of Education) November 2011
Megan Rector (Morgridge College of Education) April 2014
Paul McCarty (Registrar) November 2013
Andrea Stanton (Religious Studies) August 2013
Ginni Ishimatsu (Religious Studies) August 2006
Ashley Duncan (Social Work) July 2015
Hava Gordon (Sociology & Criminology, Gender & Women's Studies) November 2013
Emily Mehregan (Morgridge College of Education) May 2015
Jen Lee (undergraduate student) March 2012
Jennifer Lipke (Undergraduate Admission) November 2015
Jennifer Strobl (University College) May 2012
Erin Elzi (University Libraries) November 2015
Jen Murphy (University Libraries) November 2015

Q&A network members are expected to:

  1. Have completed both Levels of the Q&A training. (Level 2 training should occur within 12 months of Level I training.)
  2. Display their Network membership placard/button so as to be visible as someone informed of and engaged with LGBTIQ&A issues.
  3. Renew their membership commitment annually by participating in:
  • At least one LGBTIQ&A campus or community event; AND
  • At least one educational/informational workshop or training relating to LGBTIQ&A life.

Membership benefits include:

  • A Q&A Network member placard and button with logo, verifying
    • completion of the training modules; AND
    • completion of ongoing member development.
  • Opportunity to be trained as a Q&A facilitator.
  • Special recognition at our annual Gala.
  • Access to the Q&A Network Portfolio site (see below).
  • Opportunities to participate in ongoing Q&A Network events & trainings.

Already a Q&A Network member? Visit the Network Portfolio site (requires DU login and current Network membership) for additional resources, involvement opportunities, etc.

To join the Network, check our calendar (at right) for upcoming opportunities to complete both Training Levels 1 and 2.