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Campus Climate Assessment & Improvements

Assessing and improving the campus climate for diversity is an ongoing, campus-wide effort. Below, we outline a few large-scale initiatives both through our office and the larger University.

Campus Climate Surveys

In 2005, the Center for Multicultural Excellence, with many campus partners, conducted a campus-wide survey of perceptions and experience of students, staff, faculty and administrators around issues of diversity. A copy of the 2005 final report is available here (PDF).

To continue our assessment of the campus climate, the 2012 Inclusive Excellence Assessment was distributed to learn about the experiences of all students, faculty, and staff during winter term 2012. In total, 3747 participants responded.

An extensive analysis process was conducted through the following year; and the associate provost for Inclusive Excellence, Dr Frank Tuitt, presented the initial results to the campus on 11 June 2013. A copy that presentation is available here (PDF), with additional analysis and resulting actions to continue as noted.

For information on the survey process, contact Johanna Leyba, Assistant Provost for Campus & Community Partnerships.

Based in part on this information, the University has taken several new steps:

Campus Climate for Students Working Group

In fall 2013, the Associate Provost for Inclusive Excellence invited a group of faculty and staff from across the University to participate on a working group on campus climate for students to accomplish the following:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of the lived experiences of historically underrepresented students at DU as it relates to campus climate, culture, retention, and overall success;
  • Provide a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities our campus partners with high student contact encounter in their efforts to create an inclusive and affirming campus experience for historically underrepresented students at DU; and
  • Generate a report that includes detailed recommendations and actionable items for addressing challenges and opportunities for increasing the overall success of students from historically underrepresented communities at DU.

This 20 member working group is chaired by Art Jones (Colorado Women's College), Niki Latino (Student Life), and Molly Hooker (Graduate Studies), and is supported by a research team directed by Lisa Martinez (AHSS) and Sam Museus (MCE).

A preliminary report is scheduled to be available on February 1, 2015, with a final report completed by the end of spring quarter 2015.

Status faculty and staff women
status of faculty and staff members of color

The University commissioned the Ibis Consulting Group to one to assess and provide suggestions for improving the experiences of these two and overlapping historically underrepresented employee communities. A series of focus groups and interviews were completed in January 2014; and all benefited faculty and staff have been invited to add important feedback through a confidential online survey in March.

In the summer of 2014, the working groups released their findings and recommendations, accessible by affiliates via DU Portfolio login.