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panoramic view of campus buildings with Center for Multicultural Excellence wording across bottom

CME Resources


The following resources provide insight into the work of the Center, and/or in support of Inclusive Excellence work across the University. Each links to a PDF file for reading, downloading and/or printing. (Get Adobe Reader software for free here.)


Bulletin Boards in a Bag

Starter material for a bulletin board or other posting in your residence hall or office, to provide educational insights around issues, observances and annual cultural history/heritage months. Details and usage suggestions are contained in each.

  • Fall Welcome Back: DU Health Promotion's SEEK Success 2014
  • Congrats grad/Summer plans (June+) 2014 | 2013
  • Asian Pacific Heritage Month (May) 2014 | 2013
  • Spring holidays & observances (April) 2014
  • Women's History Month (March) 2014 | 2013
  • Black History Month (February) 2014 | 2013
  • Fall/Winter holidays around the world (Dec-Jan) 2013-14
  • Native History Month (Nov) 2014 | 2013
  • LGBTQ History Month (Oct) 2014 | 2013
  • Latino Heritage Month (Sept-Oct) 2014 | 2013

CME annual reports