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 panoramic view of campus buildings with Center for Multicultural Excellence wording across bottom


Sponsorship Information

On-campus partners can also seek funding from the newly developed Campus Climate Fund.


Each year, to compliment its own, direct efforts, the Center for Multicultural Excellence provides sponsorship for events, programs and initiatives that will clearly advance priorities outlined in the DU Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan (PDF).

As you consider applying for CME support, please review the entire Sponsorship Overview below, to understand the opportunities and limitations of the resources available, as well as the request process. You can also open/download/print a PDF version of the Overview & Guidelines here.

NOTE: Proposals that are academic in nature (e.g., research/creative activities, curriculum and pedagogy development, etc.) should be submitted through IRISE.

Sponsorships Goal

To encourage increased programming and initiatives that support the 3rd goal of the DU Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan, regarding structuring for change.


  1. To support initiatives/efforts that encourage institutional transformation related to inclusion and equity at DU.
  2. To promote professional development that provides DU community members with tools to impact change related to inclusion and equity at DU.
  3. To support opportunities for dialogue related to inclusion, diversity and equity at DU.

Available types of sponsorship/support

  • Financial: Direct funds and/or on-behalf-of purchases/expenditures up to $1000.*
  • Staff/Network time and expertise: Facilitation, advising, consulting, and/or planning support by CME staff, and/or referrals to on/off-campus networks.
  • Event Space at the Center for Multicultural Excellence or the larger University of Denver
  • Publicity assistance: sharing information about your initiatives through our on/off-campus networks
  • Endorsement by CME to indicate your event supports the DU Inclusive Excellence Strategic Plan. (If your proposal is accepted for any of the above sponsorships, listing us as a sponsor automatically indicates this endorsement.)

*Available funds are limited, and are intended to support a number and variety of initiatives. Therefore, they typically are awarded in amounts of $100-$1000.

If your proposal fits these goals and needs, please review our specific guidelines and process in order to apply.